Introducing Rogue Star’s new website!

From Tiny Acorns

- Greetings, fellow pilots and welcome to my first post! I’m Captain Jim, space maverick creator of Rogue Star and with your help, Rogue Star ACE. Are you interested in science fiction, video games, thrilling storytelling, space combat, retro gaming, cool spaceships, game design, rubbish jokes, unique sci-fi art and/or massive explosions? If you like some (or none!) of these things, then you’ve come to the right place m’laddo.

My aim is to create an environment where players can interact and feel like they have a real connection to a title. Remember when you were a kid in the playground chatting to your mate about how, wouldn’t it be great if game X had Y feature? Yes that’s right, the feature where your maths teacher is being chased by small turtles with hot pokers... No no no! I mean the one where you wanted to plant an acorn and then come back years later to stand under its mighty canopy.. Ahh yes, THAT one..!

Let's do this

The hope is that this website will play host to your dreams for a kick ass space game and my attempt to bring them to reality. Rogue Star ACE will be an exclusive title for Nintendo’s Switch console. Leveraging the principles of the original title (along with designs that go back to 2007!) it will bring challenging combat and innovative storytelling to a genre which I’m extremely passionate about.

Rogue Star ACE will be an exclusive title for Nintendo’s Switch console. Click To Tweet

With this in mind, I intend to launch a Kickstarter campaign to take Rogue Star ACE off the drawing board and into your lap, literally! Therefore, the game will need the support of as many interested players as possible. If you like what you’ve read so far, please consider subscribing to this site using the form below. You’ll get an exclusive ship chart for your efforts, but perhaps even better, a chance to have your Captain’s callsign involved in the game! More about that in future posts..!

I need to know more!

Righto, that’s it! In the days and weeks ahead, I’ll be detailing all the awesome features I’ve got planned for the title. This will include behind the scenes info, related articles and eye gouging images. I hope this will provoke comments and debate, which will drive the design to ever greater heights. Remember, YOUR voice is important so please sign up and join in the discussion!